Earswick Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Earswick Parish Council has formally submitted the Earswick Neighbourhood Plan for examination.

As the Local Planning Authority, City of York Council is working closely with Earswick Parish Council in an advisory capacity to support them throughout the various stages of the plan process.

Government rules introduced in 2012 give local communities greater powers to create their own plans and policies. As part of the Localism Act 2011, local communities are encouraged to come together to get more involved in planning for their areas by producing plans, which are designed to guide new development.

Prior to examination, it is the council’s responsibility to publicise the Earswick Plan and background documents to allow people who live, work and carry out business in the area to make representation. This consultation has now been completed and the Earswick Neighbourhood Plan is currently being assessed by an Independent Examiner.

Plans must have regard to national planning policy, be in general conformity with strategic policies in the development plan for the area and must be compatible with EU obligations and human rights requirements. This will be tested at the independent examination following the consultation.

York’s Local Plan was submitted for Examination on 25 May 2018 and the Earswick Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared in conformity with the emerging Local Plan.

For more information about the neighbourhood plan please visit: www.york.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplanning<http://www.york.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplanning> or email responses to neighbourhoodplanning@york.gov.uk<mailto:neighbourhoodplanning@york.gov.uk>