Parish Council email to Headteachers regarding fires & drinking in woods

FAO Mr D Hewitt
Joseph Rowntree Secondary School

Dear Mr Hewitt

I am writing to you on behalf of Earswick Parish Council.

They wish to draw your attention to a number of anti-social incidents which have taken place in Earswick over the last few weeks. Groups of youths have accessed the woods in Earswick and have lit fires – primarily to burn their books it would seem – and discarded broken beer bottles and cans. The fire brigade and police have been in attendance.

The Parish Council does not know which school, or schools, these youths attend but has asked if you would speak to your pupils please and highlight the obvious risks of this behaviour, not to mention the dreadful mess that is left for others to clean up, and the diversion of fire brigade/police resources from more pressing matters.

Earswick residents have complained to the Parish Council and have sent the attached photographs, in one of which a pupil’s name is clearly visible. I am writing to the Headteacher at Huntington Secondary school too.

I am sorry to have to trouble you with this matter but the Parish Council would like to nip this matter in the bud. Perhaps it might be helpful if the police were invited into school to highlight the risks?

I look forward to hearing your proposed action on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Joanne Fisher
Clerk to Earswick Parish Council